Joyous Bouncy Castles

Safety Instructions

Your child’s safety is paramount to us. Clients shall read the following safety tips and ensure these are followed when utilizing the jumping castle:

  • Children MUST be supervised by an adult at all times who is aware of safety tips and the terms of the jumping castle hire.
  • Shoes and socks must be removed before entering the jumping castle.
  • To avoid injuries – flips, wrestling, and rough play are not permitted.
  • No toys, sharp objects, or foreign objects are permitted on the jumping castle at any time.
  • Absolutely no pets!
  • No sticky substances, cakes, lollies, cordial, sand, dirt, mud, face paint permitted on the jumping castle.
  • If for some reason the jumping castle starts to deflate, children should hop off the castle in an orderly manner until the source of the deflation can be ascertained.
  • Any child who participates must be within the age and the number of children inside the castle at a time needs to be observed.
  • It is recommended that children bounce away from each other and away from the sides of the castle.
  • For inflatable slides, children must slide down NOT jump from the top to the bottom.
  • No adults are allowed on the equipment, except when accompanying young children inside. However, adults are not allowed to jump.